Parents and Friends

This section of the site is designed for parents of a child at the school, or for grandparents, family and friends of the school who want to learn more about what is going on at the school.

The following resources are available to parents and friends of the school:

“It’s local, small and friendly.  We know our child is getting on well and feel we can talk to members of staff whenever we need to.”

“There are great opportunities for outdoor learning and Forest School.  Norton Primary has a superb location and good community links.”

“We like the values that are taught to the children, politeness, kindness, consideration and good manners”

“Excellent after school activities and wonderful surroundings”

“We love the family atmosphere and the excellent support that the staff  give parents and the children.  Such an inspiring environment”

EV5 Occasional visit Parental Consent

EV6 permission for local trips and swimming