We aim to be a welcoming and inclusive school, serving our community by providing an education of the highest quality, guided by values of kindness and consideration for others and in accordance with Christian principles. As a Church of England Voluntary Controlled  School we maintain close links with the Church and our Rector leads weekly assemblies. We carry a christian ethos, while fostering a sensitivity to difference and the faiths of others. As part of our Christian tradition we invite you to join us to celebrate Harvest, Christmas and Easter festivals in our village Church.

We often welcome outside speakers to our assemblies within school.  Monday ‘Rainbow’ Celebration assemblies are held to recognise children's achievements and parents are welcome to attend. Each week certificates are awarded for particular accomplishments.

The teaching of R.E. will  follow the agreed syllabus of Somerset L.A. Our work in religious education recognises the need for an awareness of the other major religions. We hope to broaden children’s horizons and through understanding, lay the groundwork for a more tolerant and informed society.

Parents are entitled, on application to the headteacher, to withdraw their children from all or any part of religious education or collective worship. In such an event your child will not be made to feel isolated or ‘different’.

Reception, Years 1 and 2: Ourselves,  The life of Jesus, Festivals and celebrations, Our local church

Years 3 and 4: Judaism, Bible stories,  Making moral choices , Expressions of belief

Years 5 and 6: What it means to be a Christian, Prayer and Reflection, Islam

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Education

Our children come from different backgrounds, and all are encouraged to explore the meaning of faith, spiritual growth, and religious observance in an atmosphere of tolerance and mutual respect. Celebrating and exploring Britain’s multi-faith and multi-cultural nature is an important part of our work. The school has a commitment to nurturing pupils in an atmosphere of equal opportunity for all.