Ofsted Feedback

Here at Norton Sub Hamdon Primary School, we really value your feedback and opinions as parents of children at the school. This feedback is also really useful to Ofsted, the government schools inspector. Their regular reports on schools are based mainly on observing and interviewing teachers, governors and parents, but they are only around for a day or two, once every couple of years and you may not have ever spoken to them.

So if you have something to say about Norton, whether it's general thoughts about the school, something wonderful your child learned at school, or some way in which we could make the school better, please visit parentview.ofsted.gov.uk and make your views known!

 For information about school performance from the Ofsted website, please visit http://dashboard.ofsted.gov.uk/dash.php?urn=123818.

To download the school's Ofsted Report, please click the link below:

Ofsted Results Letter 2017