This page has been created to give parents of children at our school helpful links to other websites that may provide information to make the process of bringing up children a bit easier or less demanding.

The page is open to addition and so if any parents know of any other websites that have provided useful information or ideas with regard to the up-bringing or education of your children please do e-mail a link to for inclusion on the page.

Thank you and we hope you find it helpful. 

Tips for parents - How can I keep my child safe online?  Click Here 

Parents booklet on literacy. Please Click Here

BBC Parenting for advice for parents of primary-aged children.  

Parents' resources for articles written by practising teachers designed to help with the education of your child. Please Click Here 

BBC Adult Learning for lots of information about getting into learning,   

Directgov for easy access to the public services  use and the information you need, delivered by the UK government. Please Click Here 

Parent pages for the National Directory of services aimed at parents. Please Click Here

Performance tables -

KS2 SATs Guide for parents-

KS1 SATs Guide for parents-

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