Sporting Success



Football at Mudford Rec

A few weeks ago a group of Year 5/6 boys played in a football tournement at Mudford Rec. We played four matches in total. The first match we won 2-0 and the second we also won with the same score of 2-0. The third match we played had the result of 3-0 to us but unfortunately we lost the last match 2-1.

Even though we lost the last match we still played really well as a team nd ended up winning the competition. By winning the competition we secured a place in the county finals to be held at Bridgwater.

It was an amazing day andwe enjoyed playing as part of a team.

Finlay McBain and Seth Bishop


The 8th of November

On Tuesday a group of 18 Children went to Westfield Academy to take part in an Indoor Athletics competition.

The boys entered the inflated dome to take part in the track events, while the girls were in the main sports hall doing field events. In the sports hall activities were- Chest pass (this was with a heavy medicine ball) Speed Jumps, Standing long jump, Skip hop jump, vertical jump and javelin.

In the dome there were six other events going on at the same time, these were- the obstacle race, 1+1 relay, 2+2 relay, the 6 paarlauf, over and under and the 4x1 relay.

We won overall and are hoping we will qualify for the area championships.

Fingers Crossed!

By Cerys

KS1 Tournament

The 15th of September

The year sixes devised a mini tournament for classes 1 and 2. There was a relay race to see who gets the most treasure and targets. These were managed by three different groups of year sixes. The children enjoyed the tournament and took part eagerly. The year sixes enjoyed planning the tournament. These scores are being sent off so we can get another sport award for our school.

Cerys and Yasmin



On Tuesday the 7th of June 8 girls from Norton, who qualified in the last round, went to Chard cricket club the district finals and we were all really excited.


When we arrived, we had a quick talk and then we started the matches. In our first match we played against Combe, they were very good at batting but we came out on top. We won our match by 40 runs.


Next we played Ash, they were very quick thinkers, but we won again by 50 runs because we got a lot of 6s and 4s.


Then we played Tatworth, whom we could tell had had alot of practice with bat and ball. Unfortunately, we didn’t win this match but we weren’t too disappointed as we could still qualify for the next round.


Finally, we played against Milford school. They were very competitive. They were very fast runners but we were just faster. In the end the score was Milford had 214 runs and we got 275 runs!


Out of all the pools we came 2nd and got through to the County Finals. Unfortunately, we can’t go because we are on a class trip.


This basketball tournament was at Westfield school and it was an important one
because it was the area finals. In the tournament five schools competed and
they were all good. Norton won two matches drew one match and lost one match in
the final moments in the game we drew we were losing 3-2 but someone in our
team scored in the last second. We ended up coming second because of this and that
means we qualify for Milfield after Easter.




On Wednesday 16th March we took part in our last cross country race of the season. The venue for this race was Mudford Recreation Ground, Yeovil. We were all very nervous because we wanted to do our best for our school (Norton Sub Hamdon). It was a very long course on grass and concrete starting with a hill that seemed to go on and on! When we finished everyone was ecstatic, exhausted but proud of our achievements. As a school, we thought everyone did the best they could. The year 3-4 girls came 4th and the 5-6 girls came 2nd. The year 3-4 boys came 3rd and finally the year 5-6 boys came 3rd too. Amazingly, several of our runners finished in the top ten of their individual races. This means that they now go on to represent Yeovil in the Inter Area cross country championships next month- we wish them Good Luck and well done.


Amy Holroyd and Jasmine Tucker




The Cross country event began at the Yeovil show ground. The year 3/4 girls went first followed by the year 3/4 boys then the year 5/6 girls went first, then the boys. The course for the year 3/4’s race was simple but tricky to run. The surface was lumpy and a few people tripped because of this. The track started by the entrance followed by a 1 lap of the top field and one lap of the bottom field. The finish was near where the cars were parked. The year 5/6’s did an extra lap of the bottom field.


The year 3/4 girls came 4th and the year 3/4 boys came 5th.



On Friday the key stage two gymnastics team went to Orchard gymnastics club for a competition. There were 10 of us. Altogether there were 10 teams in key steps three. On different days Mrs Harris entered two more teams as well. In key steps one there were 17 teams and in the other team there were 15 teams. Everyone had to do a volt and a floor routine. In key steps 3 Mrs Harris gave us 2 teams Team A came 3rd West Chinnock came 2nd and St Michel’s came 1st. Norton B had got 67.5 points.       


Congratulations to our KS1 Gymnastics Team they came 5th out of 17th at the recent Orchard Gymnastics Competition.



We were all ready to play the tournaments. Our first match was against Ilchester. The score was 3-4 to us. Then we played St Gildas, which we won 7-2. We played a few more games as well, but we had to win them to get to the final, and luckily we did. Our last game was against Holy Trinity, which was a very good team. It was a tough game but we kept our heads up. When we sat down to find out our positions, we were all nervous. Then the man running the competition said where we came - we had come second! Now we go to Castle Carry!



We were very excited when we got there but very nervous because we have had no practice. The nervousness did not stop us. For our practices we did shooting skills. Mrs Harris taught us how to get a good aim. It helped in the games a lot. It was amazing scoring. After the warm-up we played our first game we won. It was against West Chinnock.         



When we got to Ivel Barbarians we were all excited. The matches that we played were only friendly’s because the Yeovil college students were teaching their selves how to referee. We won games and lost games but we all had fun which is the main part. We think the referees did really well. We hope they will carry on. At the end of all of the matches we were all happy with our performance. We all think we are ready for proper tournaments, and we have more confidence going into the matches.


On January 27th we had our first cross country race of 2016.It was a different and challenging
course because there was lots of rabbit holes and steep hills. We all did very
well, considering the weather and hills were against us. The deafening noise from
friends and family cheering  made us run faster.

The results were very good.; the year 5-6 girls came first, the year 5-6 boys came
second, year 3-4 girls came fourth, the year 3-4 boys came second.



At the indoor athletics we did high jump, long jump, speed jump, throwing, sitting howler, balance beam and sprint.

We were all very excited to start with and when we finished we were all proud of ourselves. It was a good experience and very fun and enjoyable.

For the balance beam we had to balance on a thin beam on one leg with our eyes closed for as long as we could. For the throwing we had a yellow squash ball and had to throw it as far as we could. Where it bounced is where they marked it.

We all put our all into it. We came first and we were the best out of Yeovil. We are Yeovil champions and were one of the smallest schools. We are now representing Yeovil for the inter-area competition.


Cross Country and Football Reports


Report 1- Cross Country race 1 

The first race of the cross country season took place this week. A nerve-racking experience for some of the children, and scary for those who have moved up into a new age range, but the feeling that overrode all other emotions was one of amazement.

When asked how they felt about the first cross country of the season the response was ‘Amazing’, ‘exciting’ and ‘tiring’. Mostly the sentiment was one of happy amazement. With over 400 children taking part from 22 schools it is easy to understand their excitement and joy at being involved in such an event.

The overall friendliness of the atmosphere is something that really stands out to the children. The Marshalls, which help out at the events, they say “are very nice to you and encouraging to you”. It is not, however, just the adults that are encouraging. Cheering on their team mates in other races all adds to the enjoyment for the children and the team spirit is also extended beyond friends from their own schools with competitors wishing each other luck before the off.

All in all the local cross country races provide an excellent level of inter-school competition and the inter-area race at the end of the season gives the children something to work towards. All the children see the races as an opportunity to improve themselves and the seasons events allow that determination to improve to be followed through.

However, that said, the one feeling they all share is the relief it is over when they cross that line. This, above all else, shows that the format works, the children enjoy themselves and that they therefore give their all in these amazing events.

Sports Journalists from Norton Sub Hamdon School: Mia French, Amy Holroyd, Aidan Skiverton and Finlay McBain.

Report No.2 at Yeovil Town

The race at Yeovil town was loud because they were supporting the team and parents cheering on their kids. When we finally finished we all felt relieved and pleased that it was over. We were also first in the year 5/6 girl’s race. It was very exciting. If our team keeps up the work we may get a medal.

Report No.3 at Aldon Hill

On the way the traffic was bad which made us even more nervous because the traffic was moving very slowly. We were more nervous because it is a hilly course. Also, Mrs Harris could not be with all of us for the start of the race. Although Mrs H couldn’t be at the start for some we were all organised and each and every one of us did really well and we were all impressed with ourselves. Even though we were tired from coming up the steep hill we couldn’t stop because we were close to the end and put all we could into this run. In the end we were all glad that it was over and were proud of ourselves.



Home – v – Chilthorne Domer (19 – 0)


When we won against Chilthorne Domer we felt a little shocked at the game. Even though they were losing by so many goals the Chilthorne Domer team held their heads up high.

We felt excited when we won and learnt the final score but what made it especially good was because the opposition did not give up. We also felt glad that we won, because if we had lost 19-0 we would feel a lot different to Chilthorne Domer.


Home – v – Ash (1 – 2)


We were a bit disappointed when we lost but we will hold our heads up and be positive in our next game. The team played really well during this match.