Outdoor Learning

Outdoor Learning:

Outdoor Learning is extremely important to us at Norton School. We can see how all our pupils benefit socially, emotionally and academically from learning outdoors so we strive to take the curriculum into the open whenever we can. Our facilities for outdoor learning are excellent, dynamic and our commitment to their continual development is a priority.

As well as access to our beautiful grounds, trim trail, orchard, vegetable beds and pond area Early Years and Key Stage One pupils enjoy forest school, water play, sand play, a variety of bikes, a garage and a play house. The children have access to the mud kitchen where, through their play, they develop literacy, numeracy, social and physical skills. Key Stage Two children access the curriculum through the outdoors whenever they can take art, geography, science, literacy and numeracy outside.



Our reclaimed greenhouse is now in situ and ready to be filled with beautiful plants. We are looking for donations of clean seed trays and small pots to get us started.

On April the 18th we are expecting a very special delivery of rocket seeds that have been in space with Tim Peake. We will be taking part in a national investigation as part of the launch of our new gardening facilities.

Cob Oven

This term Key Stage Two pupils are looking forward to building a cob oven with Martyn Huxter from Wilder Woods. We will soon be tucking in to some healthy treats cooked in our new oven as part of our healthy eating topic.

Willow Play Structure

Thank you to all the children for the brilliant designs for our new willow play structure.  This term Serena De La Hey will be working with KS2 make this wonderful, new, animal shaped, living willow structure in which we will be able to watch wildlife, play, enjoy reading a book or listening to story. Watch this space!

Living Willow Dome

We now have our new living willow dome which has replaced the iron structure in the sensory garden. KS1 children helped to make this before Easter. Thank you Serena.