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Class Four Norton

Please see the attached documents for Class Four's current Information.

Week 1 Home Learning Letter

Year 5 Fluency

Year 6 Fluency

Year 5 Rapid Reasoning

Year 6 Rapid Reasoning


Year 5 Arithmetic Wk1 Tuesday

Year 6 Arithmetic Wk1 Tuesday

Independent Project 1 Space

Reading Comprehension Wednesday

Year 5 Reasoning Wk1 Thursday

Year 6 Reasoning Wk1 Thursday

Spanish and RE Wk1

Class Four's Home Learning for isolation

Year 5/6 Spelling List

Upleveling Sentences 1

Upleveling Sentences 2

Upleveling Sentences 3

Upleveling Sentences 4

Upleveling Sentences 5

Class Four's Weekly Timetable

Music - Home learning activities and useful video links

Mental Maths Olympics Tests- Please look on Class Two Norton page for all tests.

Fun Flip it cards- You could cut all the questions out and write the answers on the back. Then spread all the cards out with the questions facing up. See how many you can answer correctly. Please only pick up the card once you have said an answer. Challenge: Time yourself and see how many you can answer correctly. Can you get quicker each time?

News Flash: In light of the current situation with Covid-19 there will be no entry in to the school for visitors. Thank you for your understanding